Monday, January 31, 2011

Sarah Palin Drives them Crazy - I like that

I made the mistake of picking up the Washington Post (Pravda on the Potomac) this weekend.  Believing that it would be innocent enough to read the Comics - I was wrong.  There on the front page was “Doonesbury” – a Garry Trudeau hit piece on Sarah Palin.  What is it with these liberal twits?  And why does the Washington Post think that this is appropriate fare for children? 

For liberal knuckleheads everywhere, let’s review the character of the people running in 2008.  Think about it – that election was over in November 2008 and these whack-jobs are still attacking Sarah Palin . . . . but I digress.  Of the four people at the top of the two party tickets (McCain, Palin, Obama, and Biden) in 2008 Sarah Palin:

- Had more executive experience than all the other three combined (she still does),
- Had more business experience than all the other three combined (she still does),
- Was the only one who had a concrete record of accomplishment in elective office (Obama has a record now of utter failure),
- Was the most popular governor in America before the liberal smear machine started working out on her. 

As for intellect:

- Of the four no one would dispute that Biden is the dumbest (even Jill Biden would admit that)
- McCain at best possesses average intellect and has never risen to any great intellectual accomplishment
- Nobel Prize winner and smartest man in the world Barack Obama has walked into every ambush that life has set for him and doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. 
- While Sarah Palin can get on the evening news any time she wants to and commands the loyalty of millions. 

Can you for the briefest moment see Sarah Palin:

- Promising to eradicate ear marks and then signing a bill with 690 of them in it?
- Signing the job killing "stimulus package?"
- Ignoring jobs for two years while the US is mired in recession? 
- Not vetoing the Healthcare monstrosity?  
- Leaving the free trade agreements with Korea, Panama, and Colombia languishing on the table and diverting her attention to prostrate Russia

The left telegraphs who they fear the most - their biggest nightmare is Sarah Palin.  

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Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s Getting Scary Out There

President Obama ended his day Friday with rioting in EgyptTunisia is in turmoil and the Yemenis are tired of their government as well.  Lebanon slipped from the “slow burn” category to “on fire.”  Just awhile ago there were rumors that Jordanians were getting fired up.  I’ll bet you he looked at Michelle and said “That damned George Bush!”  And to a degree he would be right. 

President Bush was sure that people should be free and he planted two democracies of sorts right smack dab in the middle of dictatorville.  As messy as it has been Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s neighbors must be saying “How about us?’  Of course now as my wife pointed out we are “lead by Dumb who is backed up by Dumber” a cheeky reference to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 

Of course one of the problems is that Barack Obama isn’t really about freedom – that isn’t his shtick.  When the Honduran legislature and Supreme Court teamed up to oust a would-be dictator – our President and Secretary of State sided with the dictator.  When the people of Iran rose up in revolt the silence from Washington was deafening.  Now people seeking freedom are looking to Washington again – the Rookie-in-Chief is unlikely to break the right way. 

I’m under no illusion that this would be easy even were a steadier hand at the rudder.  Freedom is fraught with danger.  Given the opportunity to vote the people of Gaza voted in the bad terrorist party instead of the not-as-bad terrorist party.  One has to wonder if Obama would have been more ready to deal with this event were he focused on defending the United States (which he is sworn to do) rather than nationalizing industries and cramming health care down our throats.  It has been a very long time since I started my work day by scanning the day’s intelligence, but I find it hard to believe that someone didn’t know that this was about to happen. 

Let’s just hope that things in Egypt turn out better than they did when Jimmy Carter had to deal with the crisis in Iran.  

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are you going to believe me or your lyin’ eyes

I had to laugh at the article in our local paper titled “Principi says let’s move on (1/25/11).”  County Supervisor Frank Principi (Woodbridge – Democrat) wanted Virginians to ignore the eminently successful efforts against illegal aliens which have made our streets safer and reduced the hemorrhage of cash to support people who shouldn’t be here.   Really Frank?  As a liberal Democrat he would like for all of us to forget how effective Republican leadership has been over the past four years.  The Prince William County Board of Supervisors courageously stood up to an unruly and vocal mob chanting “Si se puede” (Yes we can) and struck a blow against illegal immigration in our county.  The “Rule of Law Resolution” has been one of the many successes made possible largely because Republicans outnumber Democrats on the County Board of Supervisors by a ratio of 3 to 1.   If you want to understand what happens when that ratio is reversed and Democrats are in charge visit Detroit.  

The “Rule of Law Resolution” was not only the right thing to do, but its implementation was virtually free and it saved millions.  One has to wonder if Supervisor Principi bothered to read the study by the University of Virginia.  Did Supervisor Principi notice the accolades by the America’s Promise Alliance, CCN, and Moody’s.  Prince William County is a great place to live and residents have jobs because people like Supervisor Frank Principi are not in charge.  As long as Prince William County voters support candidates who offer solutions with a proven track record of success we will remain the #1 county in Virginia, the #1 tourist destination, and we will enjoy a higher quality of life with lower taxes. 

Like the famous comedian caught cheating by his wife Supervisor Principi is asking us “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”  The voters of Prince William County have been blessed but the reason is not unfathomable as most Democrats would have you believe.  We have eight County Supervisors and six of them are Republicans.  That’s why we were listed recently on the CNN/Money list as the 17th best county of 3,143 counties in America to live.  We can see sir.  

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama’s Reverse Midas Touch

It doesn’t appear that President Obama is any better at picking football games than he is at picking gubernatorial candidates, senate candidates, or Olympic sites. 

Green Bay 21, Bears 14

While I am sympathetic to all the Bears fans, I am at least pleased that if I choose to watch the Super Bowl this year I won’t have to worry about seeing Obama’s mug throughout.  But then again it might be fun to have another Obama moment.  After professing that he was a White Sox baseball fan, Obama was asked to name his favorite player.  Obama responded as if his teleprompter had been unexpectedly turned off. 

How embarrassing is this going to get before January 2013? 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Women in Combat Endangers Men

One of the finest Marine officers I ever served with was a woman warrant officer who was our S-1 (headed up the admin office).  Just after the First Gulf War our Marine Aircraft Group was to deploy to Turkey to participate in a NATO exercise.  I was in charge of the advance party and the rear detachment and I required a member of the S-1 shop for reporting and accountability.  Our Admin officer provided me a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer to go in but when it came time to for everyone to depart she said that she would be the Admin member of the rear detachment.  That’s a very Marine response though I was uncomfortable with a woman remaining behind in what would be a very rough environment.  She was adamant and I reluctantly agreed. 
She preformed her duties superbly.  She never complained or asked for any special consideration.  She was a Marine’s Marine throughout.  However her very presence caused trouble.  It wasn’t her fault but the male Marines scurried about concerned over her comfort and protection the entire time.  I was furious with them.  Here we were in the middle of a complex retro-grade operation that included moving cargo and vehicles through both a port and airfield.  Yet male Marines were worrying about where one Marine was going to shower, urinate, sleep, and eat.  They hovered around her and helped her with her gear which embarrassed her as even though she was very much a lady she was physically and mentally capable of the challenges that we were facing in an austere environment. 
In short even though she did her job superbly well, she was a distraction to the overall mission of the unit.  This is a minor example.  In Israel when faced with the direst emergency of that new State’s life during a lull in the 1948 fighting they pulled women out of frontline units.  It wasn’t to protect women, but rather because of the horrible effect it had on the men when a woman was seriously wounded or killed.  They preferred to have shortfalls in units than to suffer the debilitating effect of casualties among the women.  Similarly modern day Marines weren’t that concerned how heavy their buddy’s pack was unless that buddy was female. 
You might say that Marines are not a good place to find thoroughly modern sexual thinking – and you might be right.  Let me give you a more recent example from my son’s crew team.  If ever there was a generation that had been constantly bombarded by the “modern” message of equality of the sexes it is my son’s generation.  Yet I observed his crew team one day and I’m not so sure they are different from my generation.
I was there to pick up my son and watched as his boat with 8 rowers under the direction of the coxswain glided up to the dock.  As the boat came to a stop the boys jumped out of the boat and put their shoes on that had been stowed under their seats.  Then half of the rowers grabbed two oars and took them up to the boat house while the other half rigged the boat to be lifted out of the water.  When the other boys returned the coxswain directed the crew to lift the boat and march it up to the boathouse where it was stored.  It was done with nearly military precision.
While I was waiting the girl’s boat came back.  It struck the dock and the girls managed to get it close enough to spill out onto the dock giggling.  Most had neglected to store their shoes under the seat so when one or two of them dragged an oar towards the boathouse they yelped and complained as stocking feet met with the gravel lot.  As this was going on the boys emerged from the boathouse after stowing their boat.  Several girls waved to the boys or called out names.  I sensed that this had happened before.  After a short pause the boys walked down to the dock and picked the girl’s boat out of the water and took it up to the boathouse.  That is a major difference in approach to responsibility.  It’s mildly amusing on quiet stretch of river in Virginia, but deadly serious in a vehicle convoy in Iraq or Afghanistan. 
Women aren’t the problem – men are.  I’ve been married for 33 years – I know a woman can be tough enough and mean enough for combat – but that isn’t the point.  I remember watching the movie Starship Troopers where men and women shared a berthing space and showered together.  Can you imagine your sons and daughters doing that today?  The thought is absurd, but until such a thing is possible, putting a woman in a combat unit puts the men at greater risk.  
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ricky Gervais for Mayor of Hollywood

Like columnist Michael Taube I never watch entertainment awards shows.  The constant parade of the self-absorbed garnering awards for performances in plays, TV shows, and movies that no one has seen is ridiculous.  The cynic in me genuinely believes that these shows are only done to boost the ratings of shows that no one is watching or breathe new life into a film that no one went to see.  Box office receipts are the only fair gauge of the quality of a movie or Broadway show while Nielsen ratings do the same for television.  What the elites of the entertainment industry think about each other is of no consequence for the rest of us. 

With that said, after reading Michael Taube’s Ricky Gervais: American Hero this is one time I wish I had watched an award show. 

Ricky may very well have brought down the wrath of the elite and he may find out what the true meaning of the phrase “McCarthyism” is – but I applaud his valor.  Here is his performance distilled down to the memorable bits:

I don’t get the last part “Thank you God for making me an atheist.”  No doubt Ricky will fit in well on Rodeo Drive with all the other Atheists, Drug Addicts, and Social Misfits.  

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ignore Sarah Palin Week

Another reason to love Sarah Palin.  Chris Wallace reported on Fox News tonight that  she has her own week now in which liberals are pledging to ignore her: Ignore Sarah Palin Week 

You just have to love someone who can command the top spot on the evening news by expressing a thought.  She sends liberals into frenzy with the 140 characters that you can fit into a Twitter feed. 

Any time Sarah wants to she can make spittle spray from Keith Olbermann’s or Chris Mathews’ mouths in a frothy lunatic rant. 

Keep up the good work Sarah.  

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Intellectual Malpractice

Since the Arizona shooting I have been scrimmaging with the local liberals at the website of our local paper the News & Messenger.  The venom and vitriol that the left can generate never ceases to amaze me.  However the failure to confront the realities of the Tucson mass murder virtually guarantee that whatever response occurs (if indeed there is one) it will have no effect on the environment that coddled and protected Jared Loughner until he was ready to commit murder on a grand scale.  The resistance to seeing the truth on the left amounts to nothing less than Intellectual Malpractice.  

In one post I pointed out that Loughner admired Mein Kampf a book written by virulent Anti-Semite and socialist Adolf Hitler.  I was called stupid because Hitler was a “fascist” not a “socialist.”  Actually he was both – the two positions are mutually supportive not mutually exclusive.  If you are a Democrat (liberal, progressive, whatever) and you don’t like the label “socialist” then you should take a little “me time” and figure out why.  Are socialists bad people?  Generally yes they are.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be one nor would I want to be confused for one. 

The ravings of a nationalist socialist (the origin of the term “Nazi”) who hated Jews and tried to eradicate them from the Earth are encompassed in the book Mein Kampf.  Said book is listed as one of the favorite books of a guy who targeted a Jewish Congresswoman for murder.  If you were a detective (other than Sherriff Dupnik) and you didn’t at least bring that up as a possible contributing factor – wouldn’t your superior question you on that?      

Surely had Loughner listed the Bible or “Conscience of a Conservative” as favorite books liberals would have made the connection to Christians and/or Conservatives – but they weren’t on Loughner’s list.  Had he belonged to a local church or the College Republicans it would be irresponsible for an investigator to not swing by and check it out.

Another one of Loughner’s favorite books was the “Communist Manifesto.”  Communism has inspired murder, mayhem, and cruelty to a truly historic degree.  The number one and number two mass murderers are both Communists – Mao and Stalin.  Number three is socialist Adolf Hitler.  You have to get all the way to #14 (Genghis Khan by one list) before you run out of socialists or communists.  Given the extraordinary violence committed by communists/socialists wouldn’t a competent and thorough investigator at least evaluate that connection? 

There is no doubt that Loughner is a lunatic.  He may be clinically insane.  However he was motivated to violence by something.  To think that the mere possession of a hand gun or an oversized magazine pushed Loughner over the edge is patently absurd.  Those tools had no more to do with his motivation than did the movie camera that he used to record his rambling madness.    As long as we allow liberals to steer us away from Loughner’s real motivations we won’t get anywhere.  

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't Sit Together

The Honorable Rob Wittman,

During the President’s State of the Union address please do not sit with Democrats.  We need to defeat Democrats not learn how to get along with them.  Please convince your fellow Republicans that it would be better for Americans to see Republicans sitting together silently.  That is particularly true now that Nancy Pelosi won’t be doing that “Jack-in-the-Box” act this year. 

Kindest Regards, 

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Webb vs. Sanders

There are many things in life that confuse me and watching liberals mystifies me most of all.  Watching the transformation of Jim Webb American Hero to Senator Jim Webb crummy liberal has me completely baffled.  Here is a man who shed blood and nearly lost his life defending the Vietnamese people from Socialism.  This is the very kind of government that his colleague in the Senate Bernie Sanders (Socialist-Vermont) wants to impose on us.  How do those two guys sit in the same caucus? 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waste in the wake of tragedy

Dear Editor,

The shrill discussion in the wake of the tragedy in Arizona will effectively mask any real effort at identifying the next Jared Loughner.  The left immediately blamed politicians and pundits on the right while the right vigorously counter-punched.  What was lost in the melee was that no one was examining what created a monster like Jared Loughner.  At some point the news cycle will move on to a new emergency or some other tragedy will knock this one off everyone’s radar.  When that happens we will have learned nothing. 

What makes a person like John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, Seung-Hui Cho, or Jared Loughner kill?  After a full week of non-stop coverage of the Tucson shooting the vitriol has completely shrouded any definition of what created this madman or how to spot the next one. 

We are privileged to live in the freest society in history and I want to remain free.  Indeed I want us all to be freer.  None of the remedies that have been pushed forth by our various “representatives” will make us more free and they won’t stop the next Jared Loughner. 

If you have a Jared Loughner living down the street from you nothing in the discourse over the last seven days has done anything to help identify a course of action for you to take. 

I think that we can reliably take Sarah Palin off the table as a causal factor at this point.  If you can’t admit that – you are now officially part of the problem.  Jared wasn’t an Eagle Scout so the Boy Scouts are off the hook.  Jared’s actions that day violated a couple dozen laws, so more laws aren’t the answer.  What other facts can we discover that will help us prevent such senseless violence? 

That discussion would be of more value at this point. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Pocket Constitution (Text from the U.S. Bicentennial Commission Edition)