Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GOP is the New Black, Part II

Back in February of this year I reported to you that I had been to a “Boot Camp” with Apostle Claver Kamau Imani.  He’s the one who planted the “Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican” bill board in the middle of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s (Racist-TX) district just off Martin Luther King Boulevard


Well he has struck again.  Check out this report on Apostle Claver’s latest effort in Austin.  I love this guy. 

His approach is frighteningly simple.  Americans of African decent are frequently both social and financial conservatives.  They generally believe what Republicans believe, but they vote Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever).  That’s the disconnect that keeps their communities mired in poverty (Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC). 

Apostle Claver has taken the bull by the horns and has even been selected as one of the Nation’s ten most influential Conservative Black Leaders

I set my DVR to record the Martin Bashir (whoever he is) show on MSLSD at 3:00 PM (EST) on this Thursday 3 November as Apostle Claver will be interviewed.  Should be interesting.   

Treat yourself to a little Apostle Claver at:  RagingElephants.Org


  1. EXCELLANT--so shall I. The African American commmunity DO have Conservitive voices that are speaking up!good stuff--now on to 2012/

  2. CS- What is MSLSD, I would like too watch, but I don't know what network that is.

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  4. Knight - thanks for the visit. Apostle Claver is a fired up speaker. Don't know where you are, but he's does most of his work in Texas. It's worth the time to go see him.

  5. Johnny,

    Sorry - I was being cute - MSNBC carries that show. No one else knows what channel it is either.

    I'll bet you Apostle Claver will post it to his site:

  6. Very interesting, particularly since I live in Texas (I’ll have to keep an eye open for those billboards). I’m curious about Martin Luther King’s purported registration as a republican, since some of his speeches showed that he actually sympathized with certain communist ideas. In any event, I hope Claver’s strategy works and he succeeds in recruiting some new faces to the republican party.

  7. I know what channel MSNBC is. Even though I'm a L.I.V. Thanks a bunch. I'll be sure too watch.

  8. CW,
    MLK was indeed a Republican. He did indeed have some commie tendancies. He was effectively forced to switch to the dims by the JFK and RFK.

    LBJ cashed in on that prize.

  9. CW,

    If Apostle Claver comes to your town - you should definitely check him out. His foundation targets the minority community to show them that they agree with us 80% of the time - then he asks them "so why don't they vote with us?"

    Since Republicans actually freed the slaves, Blacks were the most reliable Republican vote there was until the 1960s. Some say we took them for granted (as the Democrats do now) and others say Kennedy stole them away with the Civil Rights promise.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was probably a Republican without know why just as Blacks today are Democrats without know why.

  10. Ok, I set the DVR and just finished watching that interview. Like Claver's style that is for sure! As for Bashir ... not so much. His diverting from the political to the religious was pathetic, IMO.

  11. Mrs. AL,

    I thought Apostle Claver did well too. I love that his first comment was to say that he made it to the big time by being interviewed on "MSDNC." Bashir probably knew right there that he had grabbed a tiger by the tail. That one minute clip is here for those who missed it: