Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raging Elephants – GOP is the New Black

I attended a meeting with Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani the leader of Raging Elephants.  I have to say that I was taken aback by this brave young man. 

Apostle Claver is a kindred spirit - an authentic TEA movement person who understands that the path to victory lies in organizing political action focused on elections rather than more showy protests and marches.  He understands the reality of a two party system.  Though perhaps non-traditional - he is a Republican - better yet he’s an in-your-face Conservative Republican.  He also graphically portrayed the demographic trajectory of a country where the population of color (Black, Hispanic, and Asian) will together out number the white population eventually (it already does in many places).  His call to arms is for the GOP to engage an African American community that is largely conservative but votes against their own self-interests with the Democrats. 

He is really taking the fight to the enemy.  Raging Elephants put up a "Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican" billboard right on the exit ramp for "Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd" in the heart of Rep Shelia Jackson Lee’s (Socialist - Houston, TX) 18th District.  I like this guy. 

I must admit that I did look up MLK’s party affiliation when I got home.  Virtually all African Americans were Republicans from 1854 to 1963 but I wanted to be sure.  I ran across a great article by Frances Rice in Human Events from 2006 “Why Martin Luther King Jr. Was Republican.”  It is more than worth your time to help set the record straight – particularly if you are a victim of the Public School System. 

Apostle Claver asked us for three things:

1.  To Pray for him (I will), 
2.  To Donate if we can (I did), and
3.  To Volunteer some time (I plan to). 

If you don’t do anything else, check out some of the commercials Apostle Claver has made at Just Another Day and Zero Sum Game.  This guy might have found the path to victory. 

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  1. That should get the Rev. Jackson's nickers in a knot.

    About time someone told the truth about the republicans. The demmaroids have held the blackman on the plantation for their own agenda. As the Democrat party continues to implode from the weight of their own bullshit NOW is the time for blacks to switch sides and control their own future.

  2. It is fascinating how misinformed most people are about our history. Must be that we have been victimized by the Public School System. Apostle Claver is a hero in my book.